Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here you go!

Sorry it has been sooo long since I have posted anything...I just feel like life is going on and I am going with it! Where do the hours go once you have a child?? All I know is that I love every single second with Jack (and so will you when you have the chance:).
The latest and greatest here is that we are moving to So. Cal in min May! YAAAA! I am so ready for hot weather again! Dave got an internship with the WEBB boarding school in Clairmont Ca. Clairmont is just north of Pomona. Ya white trash fair here I come!
Also, Jack is nearly 8.5 months now and I swear he is a weed. He eats like madd and is growing so fast. It is so so so fun to watch him learn everyday about the world.
Ok im sure you have read enough...MUCH LOVE MY FRIENDS!
oh and come to ca and holla at the Duffins!