Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today I realized that I have been in Hawaii for about two months now and havent even thought about blogging since I got here! School and life are moving so fast my friends...but I wouldnt have it any other way. Life here is so great.
Aside from all that, the reason I thought I should get to typin today is because I had a fantastic lesson in one of my classes on self-justification or in other words the dissodence theory.
Its the theory of the slippery slope of why we find it ok to do little bad things. In essence its why we find it ok to do things claiming, "its ok because I am different...that doesnt really apply to me." make sense?
So the more I thought and the longer the teacher spoke, I realized that whether I am embezzling money or justifying the judgement I pass on others everyday, it doesnt matter the bottom line is they are both wrong.
I find myself justifying because I assume the other person doesnt either A. understand me or B. because we're just different.
But is that really the case?? Arent they just sitting over there thinking the same things about me??
The point of the class was to urge us to try and see our own things in life that we justify and try to correct them or atleast start with recognizing that we do it.
He closed with the story of Buddha who was a prince and left the palace to see and understand the rest of the world, and when people met him they would ask "are you a god?" and he replied "no I am awake".

Aside from my deep thoughts We have been photoboothing lately and I thought the two were so funny and then I realized I should post a normal one here you go.