Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movers and Shakers

He we go!!!! On Monday we fly out to Hawaii to spend the next four months in complete disarray! I am going to be a full time student at BYUH and Dave is going to do a full time internship at PCC. Our lives are about to go CRAZY! Wish us luck my friends and book your vacations! Pray for my brain to operate at full capacity and that is about all I can ask for now. But needless to say...we are so excited to be spending the next four months in Laie, Hi. :)


(Photos from the last time we lived there. So excited for new memories!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Father in law...

Dave's dad recently wrote an awesome book. Why I havent blogged about yet I'm not sure. I read it a while ago and it is sooo good. I can honestly say that it is such a well written political thriller because I am an avid reader (I read A LOT). :) Check it out if you are into a good easy page turner. You can find it on Amazon and its called The Jefferson Project by Thor Duffin. Enjoy my friends!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend friends

This weekend our friends from Hawaii, Jordan and Rachele Larsen, came and stayed with us, so fun!! We went to the beach and worked on a stop motion video for fun. (Its the first one we've ever done)

Jack my happy boy.

The boys surfed...I paddled out and floated :) Good times. Dave is standing behind me annoyed that I am posting a pic with him with a long board because he says he isn't a "long boarder". Funny husband. He short boards but today was definitely a long board day.

After the beach we ate at Wahoo's Fish Taco's in Huntington, it was so delish! But it was sooo crowded because it was the US open for surfing.
Bath time!!