Friday, September 18, 2009

Babies are so much fun to play with!!

I'm not sure why this doesn't show up better!? But i suppose you get the idea:)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Childbirth

I guess I havent really sat down yet and recorded the birthing event as a whole. So here goes...
On July 9th I had my 37th week checkup and the doctor asked me if I wanted to have a baby this weekend. I respond simply "for sure!" He proceeds to, well you know, strip my membranes and then said "ok hopefully I'll see you this weekend." Im thinking SUPER! Then I head to work and all is well.
After work I head home and do the uzsh...jumping jacks, a long walk, and everything else that helps get baby out (of course with Daves help;)

The next thing I know at about 11pm or so it begins. It starts with the pains. Friday comes and my day goes as follows: contract, sleep, contract, sleep. Before I know it, its dinner time and I of course was just working on breathing. I had a dear dear friend and her husband come over and make us the most amazing waffles of your life! They left around 10pm and about 1130 I told Dave that we should prob get ready for the hospital. We both shower and get ready. Then I fell asleep and then wake up to pain and then GUSH. My water broke at home. YESSSS! I cleaned up and headed to the hospital. I got to the hospital about 430am. (Dave was sad that we couldnt drive all crazy in and out of traffic, hahaa)
I get an epidural and the stuff that help you along..whatever its called, oh ya pitosin sp??. moving on...Im dialated to a 3 at this point. Finally around 11am I am fully effaced and dialated and the doc says looks great we'll be back later and deliver this kid! And that he did. I pushed about 3 times and he crowned then the doc came and I pushed about 3 more times and then
I watched with a mirror and loved every gooey second of it. Childbirth is so incredible.
Jack came at about 130pm and then we had a lot of visitors that came to meet him that night and on Sunday.
Heading home on Monday was such an incredible feeling alone. I was thinking holy cow these people are letting me go home with this little person?!
And now here we are at 7 weeks out and loving every minute of our new life.