Monday, May 18, 2009


Two very silly stories...if you don't love silly stories I would really suggest to go no further.

Yesterday I was so tired. Naturally, its what prego lady's do. So...Im sleeping. Dave comes in, awesome, lays down. Starts to SNOOOORRRREEEE. Loud. Not the point of my story though,

so after his snoring extravaganza and a nudge in the ribs ;) we had a conversation, sort of. Here goes...

Dave: Babe, babe can you please go do that favor I asked you to do. (irratated voice)

Sara: Huh, babe? What favor?

Dave: (heavy sigh) babe, the favor I asked you to do for me. (still in irratated voice)

Sara: I really am not sure what you are talking about...(I am thinking, oh dang I totally forgot something).

Dave: You know how I asked you to help me look at this project with the couch and the furniture in the rooms ...yadda yadda yadda something to do with a house and wiring yadda.

Sara: Huh?

Dave: (another heavy sigh) Nevermind. ....(silence)

Sara: (Confused!)

We both sleep a little longer. Then Dave wakes up and I ask him what that was all about because I am thinking he was totally with it.
Nope he was not with it and had a hard time admitting to it! haaha! He was dreaming of wiring a house and he needed my help.

I laughed. Then he laughed. So good. I love every peice of Dave.

Story #2

To start...Dave and I love to name call. But not your ordinary name call. Name call like "you fuzzy bucket face" or "you moldy strawberry cake". Ha. Stupid name calling just to make us laugh.

Moving on.

Dave and I are happily noozling the other night and we were having some silly conversation and I decided that calling Dave a Cornish Game Hen was sooo appropriate. But by the time I would get to the word Hen I started to laugh and cry to hard that I couldnt pronounce it. (Im laughing a little now just thinking about it.) Dave is laughing but he's not sure why and that was it.

I called Dave a cornish game hen. And it is apparently the funniest stupid name call I have ever come up with.

This is Dave. Ha. Im so funny.

I love Dave. We laugh so good together.